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 The program for the period 26.07.2021 until 08.08.2021

On 27.07 we will continue the trainings with a distance of 50 Km, on 28.07 we will do a training at a distance of 60 Km and on 29.07 we will do the qualifying flight from a distance of over 75 Km. The first HS1 will take place on August 03 or 04 depending on the weather, from a distance of 115 km Buhoci - Buhocel Bacau County.
The activation of the reserve pigeons will be done from 29.07 until 01.08.2021 by the owners of the pigeons. Starting with 12.00 on 02.08.2021, the activation of the pigeons can be done by any person who wants this. The list of inactivated pigeons will be made public on 02.08, starting with 10.00. Activation ceases at 24.00 on 03.08.2021. Only activated pigeons can win prizes. Subsequent activation, after HS1, is impossible.


Webseite –
Facebook –
Email - عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
European Master Pigeons SRL
GPS of the lofts - 47.438798, 26.269446
Str. Catunului Nr. 2
Sat. Baia, comuna Baia – 727020
Jud. Suceava
Final flight on September 14, 2021

Regulations, training, competitions and prize money in 2021


As a legal entity, European Master Pigeons OLR has the full right to organize competitions with racing pigeons as well as a legally approved veterinarian.
It is registered in the TRACES system which gives it the right to import and export pigeons from and around the world. The pigeon transport vehicles are also registered and equipped with a GPS system. European Master Pigeons OLR has a quarantine unit and an approved veterinary laboratory.


Conditions of admission to the EUROPEAN MASTER PIGEONS OLR
Pigeons participating in the EUROPEAN MASTER PIGEONS OLR must wear a closed association ring 2021.
Upon delivery the pigeons must be
- at least 4-6 weeks old and able to eat and drink independently,
- vaccinated once with Columbi 2 (Paramyxo + Herpes) at least 10 days before delivery,
- with a proven certificate of vaccination,
- Euro 10 per pigeon to be paid for transport costs.
- Please also bring all pedigree documents by June 1, 2021, because pigeons without pedigree can NOT win any prizes in the Hot Spots and in the finals - auction proceeds will then also go in full to the organizer.
Upon delivery, a fully completed registration form with details of the pigeons paid per team and the ranking of the reserve pigeons must also be listed. With the signature, the conditions of participation are accepted.
If no registration form is received by delivery, the order of precedence will be determined by the organizer and the conditions of participation are also deemed to have been accepted by the participant.
By handing over the pigeons to the EUROPEAN MASTER PIGEONS OLR, the property rights in all forms are also transferred to the EUROPEAN MASTER PIGEONS OLR .
After the end of the collection period and one week of getting used to the loft, all pigeons are vaccinated again under the supervision of the veterinarian, in accordance with the prescribed regulations.
If there are problems with pigeons during the quarantine period, the cause will be determined by laboratory tests and the owners will be informed.


Payment terms:
A team consists of 6 pigeons -
the participation fee per team is Euro 600: three paid preferred birds and three reserve birds, which should be allocated in the order of priority on the registration form.
If paid pigeons fail, the reserve pigeons will automatically move up as replacements according to their ranking on the registration form. If the preferred pigeon returns, it will continue to be ranked as a reserve pigeon.
Only paid pigeons with pedigree can win prizes according to the tender.
Reserve pigeons can be activated at any time by the owner by paying the entry fee of Euro 200 up to the qualifying flight on July 26th 2021, but not later than July 29th 2021 -
On from July 30th, 2021, 12:00 p.m., non-activated reserve pigeons can be purchased from third parties by paying the activation fee of Euro 200.
A list is kept online about this, which is continuously updated after receipt of payment.
With this, the original owner loses all rights to this pigeon, including profit and auction proceeds - these all go to the third party.


Pre-activation at a special price:
Participants, who register by February 1st, 2021 and pay the participation fee, will receive a reduction of Euro 50 on the participation fee - instead of Euro 600 only Euro 550 per team with 3 preferred pigeons + 3 reserve pigeons.
If the 3 reserve pigeons are paid at the same time, these will only be charged at Euro 180 instead of Euro 200 per reserve pigeon. Pay the team in full - all 6 pigeons - by February 1st, 2021, a total of Euro 110 can be saved.
The prepaid money for reserve pigeons, that are missing in the loft on 02.08.2021, will be returned to the fanciers race account in full on 03.08.2021.


Account details for deposits:
Adresse: Str. Catunului Nr. 2, Comuna Baia, Sat Baia, 727020, Jud. Suceava, Rumänien

Adresse: 725200 Falticeni, Str. Republicii, Romania

- in EURO:
IBAN: RO10 BTRL EURC RT04 7787 8001

- in USD:
IBAN: RO14 BTRL USDC RT04 7787 8001

- in RON:
IBAN: RO60 BTRL RONC RT04 7787 8001



The cash prizes won in Romanian territory will be paid out in RON at the exchange rate of Banca Transilvania on the day of the prize payment.
Payouts of the prize money and the proportionate auction proceeds will take place in accordance with the applicable financial laws in the first week of February 2022.
The transfer fees are borne by the recipient.


Planned course of the season:
The pigeons will be accepted between February 28th and May 10th 2021.
Upon arrival at the loft, the pigeons receive an electronic ring and this is assigned to the fancier's association ring and then covered.
The operations for the hot spots, the semifinals and the finals are handled by the employees and broadcast live - the ring numbers are checked every time.
Participants who are present that time only have the opportunity to handle their own pigeons.
Once inserted, the transporter is sealed.
All liberations will be filmed and published on the website.
At each liberation, pigeon fanciers are present as supervisors.
When entering the final flight, the pigeons also receive a wing stamp during the inspection.
The lofts can be viewed on the day of the final - from midday onwards, preparations for the arrival of the pigeons take place and free food and drinks are provided for the visitors in the waiting area.
Pigeon training and liberations will always be available live online on the following European Master Pigeons OLR websites:
European Master Pigeons OLR Facebook page


All pigeons that return from the finals will be auctioned as follows:
The pigeons placed in ranks 1 to 20 and the top 5 pigeons from the As-Elite-ranking are auctioned via a Belgian auction portal or in Asia and offset with the respective discount for processing.
All other pigeons are offered online by the organizer - a discount of 15% of the proceeds is retained for the processing of the auction -
Half of the remaining auction proceeds go to the participant who activated the pigeon and the other half to the organizer.
Auction proceeds from pigeons without ancestry go entirely to the organizer.
Pigeons not sold in the auction can be redeemed by the original owner within 7 days of the end of the auction for an amount of 30 euros.


Innovations in the 2021 season
It is in preparation that in the competition year 2021 a personal account will be set up for the participants, on which they can see their financial situation and the information about their participating pigeons.
For betting and similar activities of this kind, an independent account is to be set up in accordance with specific regulations, whose activities are processed independently of prize money and auction proceeds from the European Master Pigeons OLR.
European Master Pigeons OLR only provides the link.


Additional opportunities to participate:
With the European Master Pigeons OLR you can also take part in the following international competitions and collect points:

to 1.:
As Europa Master Pigeons OLR is a member of the International Pigeon Federation, we have decided to give all pigeon lovers who only want to take part in the competition organized by the FCI the opportunity to play under the most fair conditions.
The entry fee for the opportunity to participate in this competition is 80 euros per pigeon. With 5 paid pigeons the 6th pigeon is free. In this version you only take part in the first four HS. The prices come from the first 4 HS.
The HS 4 - FCI Racing over 347 km on 08/24/2021 is considered to be the FCI MUNDIAL RACING, which will take place under the supervision of an FCI commission.
After HS 4, the pigeons entered in this category will be auctioned. After deducting the pro rata costs for handling the auction, the participant receives 50% of the remaining auction proceeds.
If you want to continue taking part in the semifinals and finals, you can activate your pigeons or a pigeon for 250 euros per pigeon. And they have full rights as a regular participant, including in the AS elite category.
All pigeons, regardless of the category in which they participate, fly HS 4 FCI Racing - 347 km on 08/24/2021, the FCI MUNDIAL RACING, collect FCI points if they have genealogical rings recognized by the FCI.
You can participate with at least 2 pigeons. It is your chance to compete against the best pigeon lovers in the country and in the world under special conditions of fair play and pigeon care!

to 2.:
In order to be able to participate in the ONE LOFT RACING WORLD LEAGUE, the rules of this competition imposed and required by the organizer ONE LOFT RACING WORLD LEAGUE must be observed.
The regulation and organization European Master Pigeons OLR has no influence on the rules required and imposed by ONE LOFT RACING WORLD LEAGUE and FCI RACING PIGEONS GRAND PRIX.
Master Pigeons OLR only offers and guarantees the fulfillment of the conditions for the organization of the two competitions. Then the points for: ONE LOFT RACING WORLD LEAGUE and FCI RACING PIGEONS GRAND PRIX will be added.


Travel plan and training in 2021
Because we want to offer the pigeons of the participants the best conditions and the best training, the main trainer in 2021 will be the famous Willi van Beers.

Preliminary program:
4 x 10 km in the 4 cardinal points
2 x 20 km
1 x 30 km
2 x 50 km
2 x 60 km
1 x 30 km
2 x 75 km
1 x 30 km
1 x 95 km Serbesti on July 26th, 2021 - qualification flight
Activation of reserve pigeons:
- in the period from July 26th to July 29th, 2021 - only by the owner
- on 07/30/2021 from 12 noon - activation can be carried out by a third party upon request
The itinerary is as follows:
depending on the weather conditions and the training condition of the pigeons -
between the hot spots the pigeons are trained over 70 or 30 km
on August 3rd 2021 - HS 1 - 122 km
on August 10th 2021 - HS 2 - 193 km
on August 17th 2021 - HS 3 - Braila 270 km
on August 24th 2021 - HS 4 - FCI Racing - 347 km
on September 3rd 2021 - HS 5 - semifinals - 382 km
on September 14th 2021 final flight - 450 km


PRICE 2021 = Euro 142.000 *
* The prices are guaranteed and are calculated for 1.000 activated pigeons.
The first 3 places are guaranteed regardless of the number of activated pigeons.

FINAL total: Euro 115.000

1st place: 25.000 euros + diploma + trophy guaranteed price
2nd place: 15.000 euros + diploma + trophy guaranteed price
3rd place: 9.000 euros + diploma + trophy guaranteed price
Place 4: 7.000 euros + diploma + medal
Place 5: 6.000 euros + diploma + medal
Place 6: 5.000 euros + diploma
Place 7: 4.000 euros + diploma
Place 8: 3.000 euros + diploma
Place 9: 2.000 euros + diploma
Place 10: 1.000 euros + diploma
Place 11-20: 700 euros
Place 21-30: 500 euros
Place 31-40: 400 euros
Place 41-50: 1 porumbel aktiv 2022 worth 200 euros

SEMIFINALA: Total Euro 12.200

Place 1: 3.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 2: 2.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 3: 1.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 4: 900 euros
Place 5: 800 euros
Place 6: 700 euros
Place 7: 600 euros
Place 8: 500 euros
Place 9: 400 euros
Place 10: 300 euros
Place 11-20: 1 pigeon active 2022 (worth Euro 200)

HOT SPOT 4 - FCI Mundial Racing Euro 6.500

Place 1: 1.500 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 2: 1.000 euros + diploma + Cupa
Place 3: 900 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 4: 600 euros + diploma
Place 5: 500 euros + diploma
Place 6-10: 1 Pigeon free 2022 (worth Euro 200)

AS FCI: HS 1,2,3, Euro 3.000

Place 1: 1.500 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 2: 1.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 3: 500 euros + Diploma + Cupa

HOT SPOT 1; 2; 3; Euro 1.500 per Hot Spot

Place 1: 500 euros + diploma + cupa
Place 2: 400 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 3: 300 euros + diploma + cupa
Place 4: 200 euros + diploma
Place 5: 100 euros + diploma

AS ELITE PIGEON: HS 1,2,3,4,5 + FINAL Euro 18.000

Place 1: 7.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 2: 5.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 3: 3.000 euros + Diploma + Cupa
Place 4: 2.000 euros
Place 5: 1.000 euros

The score on the AS pigeon is calculated according to the formula: flight speed.
The sum of the speeds achieved at each stage designated to be divided by the number of stages designated: according to the Benzing criterion.
Win the pigeon with the highest speed, over the 5 hot spots and the final flight.
Every flight that is taken into account for the AS pigeon ranking ends on the first day of the competition at 8 p.m. (Romanian time).
Only with the FINAL FLIGHT does the competition end on the 2nd day at 6 p.m. (Romanian time).


European Master Pigeons OLR
wishes all participants good luck and GOOD FLIGHT!




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