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Pigeons EUROPEAN Master Pigeons participants must wear premiiring pedigree in 2018 and is a recognized pigeon federation. You must be aged at least 4 weeks, can eat and drink themselves to teaching the Master EUROPEAN Pigeons OLR. Not required to be vaccinated because absolutely all pigeons collected will be vaccinated and will follow a program prophylactic during adaptation. Surrender will indicate if the birds have been vaccinated or not.

By teaching pigeons EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR becomes their legal owner. The birds will be quarantined separately grown for one week before being introduced in the loft. If there are pigeons problems during quarantine, their owner will be informed immediately and he will decide what to do further, will replace pigeons issues immediately or send free next year an equal number of birds with those who had problems. Pigeon problems they will perform laboratory tests to no doubt.

The pigeons will be collected directly from participants loft or legal representative columbodromului. Once the participant and teaching pigeons to the entrance of quarantine duration shall not exceed 72 hours.

It is imperative that teaching pigeons to deliver pedigrees and title to a bank account for payouts, a phone number and an email address for quick communication. Teaching pedigrees can be done by mail no later than the date of 01/08/2018 or can be loaded directly on the website of the EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR.

The participation fee is 150 euros per pigeon. 5 pigeons can be registered scored a free bird.

The participation fee may be paid to the next account :
Adresse : Str. Sucevei , Nr.91, 725200 Falticeni, Romania
Banca Transilvania , Adresse : 725200 Falticeni, Str. Republicii , Romania
Konto EURO  :  RO58 BTRL EURC RT03 1871  1001
RON - Konto   : RO11 BTRL RONC RT03 1871 1001

Participants who register and pay the fee until on 31.12.2017 receive a 10% discount of the registration fee (paid only 135 Euro / bird).

After the quarantine period, which lasts a week, the birds will be introduced in the loft and will receive a participation code. Only owners will know Series ring and participation code allocated to that dove. Pigeons will follow a program of prevention and vaccination and will accommodate the inside and outside of the cage. Receiving pigeons made between 03.01.2018 - 30.04.2018.

On 06/01/2018 pigeons will receive electronic chip and pedigree will hide by wrapping ring. From this time absolutely pigeons will be free to fly around the loft and will start training with boarding overall light clock on training.

During the prepregatire, will make training between 1 km and 30 km on the clock. Exceptions will be days with extreme weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds, heat, etc.). Training will be conducted in all four cardinal points.

Formal training, to be taken into account when ranking AS Master will start the 09/07/2018 and at least 30 km away from farming. Training will be daily with individual boarding.

Training period is between 09/07/2018 - 01/08/2018.

The program of competitions is:

FINAL: Kapla (Kavarna - Zip code 9650) = 486 Km BULGARIA 09/08/2018

semifinals: 8/25/2018 MEDGIDIA = 389 Km

HS3: Crusher (besides Braila) = 284 Km 18/08/2018

HS2: Targu Bujor = 172 Km (between Barlad and Galati) 08/11/2018

HS1: 08/04/2018 between ODOBESTI = 108 km

stage will make at least one clock training and boarding 50Km and 80Km, which will be counted in the standings AS Master.

Organizers reserve the right to change the dates of training and competition, if the situation requires or force majeure. Any changes will immediately bring to participants.

Boarding HS sites, semifinals and final is done by staff columbodromului in front of the camera and a committee consisting of participants. Commission will not touch pigeons, only check visual series ring. Boarding HS, semifinals and final will take off the protective film from the ring after checking series by the committee, will go dove over time boarding and will be foiling again ring to the committee and camera and will be placed in the cage for transport.

After completing boarding under the supervision committee and participants boarding fanciers will be put cages transportation trucks pigeons and car doors must be sealed.

Transport pigeons will drive transport authorized pigeons with GPS location turned on by staff EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR. The car will be accompanied by a second car fanciers participants allstakeholders Supervisory Commission, which will go behind the car transport birds. Both cars will be equipped with cameras to record case. At the launch site, the preparations necessary for good launches, feeding and watering birds will be made only by staff EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR. Fanciers participants as supervisory committee are absolutely prohibited to approach the car and are required to shoot and record preparation and release of pigeons. Fanciers participants as supervisory committee will be any remuneration. Each release will be invited to attend and check local fanciers of the launch and release.

Preparing or pigeons will always be live online on the website EUROPEAN Master OLR Pigeons: or as on facebook EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR.

Final boarding for fanciers participants who wish can only check their own pigeons. Check their pigeons will be just in front of cameras, committee and staff boarding EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR.

The order will be as follows: pigeons will bring in private boarding kennels helpful by staff EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR. Remove foil protection by staff columbodromului, reads and communicates series commission, which checks the authenticity of series and call the owner dove. If it is present and wants, can check the status and shape of a dove. This will be done only in the boarding room, in front of the cameras and the Commission. Owners who are not present can not see his pigeon will be closely presented the main room cameras, which will be online. Master EUROPEAN staff will embark dove Pigeons OLR by passing it over time boarding, apply protective film over the ring and will apply a stamp control on the wing by the committee and we will board the transport cage. After reaching the number of birds per cage it will be sealed. After finishing boarding, transport cages will be carried to the car and the DC breaker opening cages are locked and sealed. Where appropriate the birds will be watered and fed before heading to the launch site.

The final day to 12 noon pigeon loft participants can visit. After this time the waiting will begin preparing pigeons and fanciers will withdraw the finals in specially designed waiting area. There will be booths with food and drink tastes.

The final will be broadcast online. The final evening after arriving pigeons will be held the award ceremony. At that time it will organize auction pigeons: 21-50 seats, except where a 1-5 AS.

Birds arrive in the final will be auctioned as follows:

Places 1-20 and the first 5 AS, a site in the West or in Asia.

Pigeons arrived places 21-50 will be sold at auction organized the award ceremony.

All pigeons returned from the final will be sold at auction. For pigeons sold in Romania, a commission of 15% of the sale price will be charged and the rest will be divided as follows: 50% grower and 50% organizer, EUROPA Master Pigeons OLR.

For pigeons sold in the West or Asia, the commission for organizing the auction will be higher. From the remaining amount after paying the commission for organizing the auction the breeder as the first 50% and the organizer 50%.

Pigeons not sold at auction may be redeemed for Euro 20 by the owner within 7 days of the auction closing.

EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR will decide what to do in case of remaining unsold birds, they are property outright. Pigeons without pedigree will not receive awards and amounts resulting from the auction! Any discussion or pedigrees after the final surrender is excluded! Any monies due or resulting from the pigeon rests entirely without pedigree EUROPEAN organizer Master Pigeons OLR.

All participants by teaching pigeons the organizer assume and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions of this Regulation.

EUROPEAN Master Pigeons OLR wishes all participants good luck and wind in feathers!



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