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Hello dear sports friends!

As we promised, the prize money will be increased for over 3000 pigeons delivered. We have 332 paid teams, which is why we are increasing the prize money for the following places:
51-100 cash prize 300€
101-150 cash prize 200€
151-230 cash prize 100€
231-280 1 free pigeon for the next edition of WR 2024/2025

EMP Winter Race 2024, Sevilla-Spain, competitions calendar is:
HS1- 27.02.2024
HS2- 05.03.2024
HS3- 12.03.2024
HS4- 20.03.2024
Semifinal Race-27.03.2024
Extra Race 24.04.2024

Best Team category:
It is counted the score obtained by the first two pigeons from each team of 6+4 pigeons (no need to name 5 pigeons)  which will be nominated once enrolled in this category.

The score is calculated by adding the places occupied by the first two pigeons in a team. The winner is the team with the lowest score.

With over 150 teams, the prize money will also be increased in percentage. The activation fee is 200 Euro and must be paid until the opening of the first hotspot meaning until February 27th 2024.

Please contact us on WhatsApp for registration +40 747 332 163.

CD COLOMBOFILIA DANUT BACALU , account no. ES84 0049 2695 4423 1419 8831, Banca Santander (When making the transfer, please indicate the activated team as the reason for payment).

Europa Master Pigeons Team wishes you good luck!


Rules, competitions and prizes Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race
2023/2024, Spain

Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR is a company, legal and sanitary-veterinary authorized with full rights to grow, maintain, as well as organizing pigeons competitions.

The company is registered in TRACES system, which gives rights of importing and exporting pigeons from and around the world. The pigeons transporting cars are sanitary-veterinary registered and approved with GPS system. Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR holds a sanitary-veterinary authorized quarantine and laboratory unit.

Contest pigeons at EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS WINTE RACE OLR must wear genealogy ring of year 2023 and must be a member of a well know fanciers federation.

Contest pigeons must be at least 6 weeks old, they must be able to eat and drink by themselves when delivered to EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS WINTE RACE OLR.

It’s mandatory that the pigeons to be vaccinated, at least for paramyxovirosis, but it’s recommended to be vaccinated also with: Columbi 2 (Paramyxo + Herpes).

All collected pigeons will be vaccinated against Circuvirux and Adenocoli and will follow a prophylactic program during the adaptation period. After the end of collection period the pigeons will be revaccinated against Paramyxmovirosis, Adenocoli and Poco. At pigeons delivery a certificate that mentions the vaccines will be handed over.

The pigeons will be handed over along with their pedigree and ownership documents.

By handing over of the pigeons towards EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS WINTE RACE OLR, it is also handed over the property rights in all shapes, E.M.P. becoming the rightful owner.

The contestant will pay a 10 euro per pigeon fee, as delivery fee from the participant's headquarters to the loft. The contestant pigeons will be sent to EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS WINTER RACE OLR only with approved carrier. We don’t take pigeons that are delivered by unapproved carriers.

The pigeons will be kept in quarantine, by breeders, for a week time before being introduced into the loft. If there will be pigeons with issues during the quarantine time, their owner will be promptly informed and he will decide what should be done next; the pigeons will be urgently replaced or he will send the same number in the next competition, for free. The pigeons with issues will be tested, so there is no doubt on their condition.

The pigeons will be gathered directly from participants’ loft or from rightful owner of the EMP. From the time of handing over the pigeons towards the contestant and their entry in quarantine time, it won’t last more than 72 hours.

It is mandatory that on handing over of the pigeons, the pedigrees and the ownership title to be handover, a bank account for prizes payment, a telephone number, an email address for fast communication as well. The handover of the pedigrees can be done also by post mail until the 31st of October 2023, the latest.

The organizer reserves the right to change the competitions calendar according with weather conditions.

Participation fee:
Participation fee is 900 euro/team. The team is made of 10 activated pigeons (6 paid pigeons+4 free registration pigeons).
The participants who sign up with less than 6 pigeons, will pay a registration fee of 150 euro/pigeon, minimum 2 pigeons registered.
The payment will be made into the bellow account:
Adress : Catunului Street, Number 2, Comuna Baia, Baia Village, 727020, Jud. Suceava, Rumania
Adress 725200 Falticeni, Republicii Street, Romania
For payment in EURO:
IBAN : RO10 BTRL EURC RT04 7787 8001
For payment in USD :
IBAN : RO14 BTRL USDC RT04 7787 8001
For payment in RON :
IBAN : RO60 BTRL RONC RT04 7787 8001

The prizes payment will be made in RON, in Romania, at the exchange rate of Transylvania Bank on the day when the prizes are paid.

The prizes payment, of the amount due from the auction, will be made the first week of MAY 2024, according with the law. The right owner of the amount will be in charge with the bank taxes and transfer.

The taxes of the prizes will be according with the laws existing at the payment time!!!

By sending pigeons toward Europa Master Pigeon Winter Race OLR, it means respecting all the terms and conditions of all financial and administrative laws, together with the terms and conditions of European Master Pigeons SRL.

After quarantine, which lasts one week, the pigeons will be allowed into the loft. The pigeons will follow a prophylactic and vaccination program and will adjust with the loft and with the indoor and outdoor of the cage.

The pigeons will be received between 01.07-22.10.2023.

Pigeons trainings and launching for the Final will always be live on Europa Master Pigeons OLR web page: or as well as on Facebook page:

On boarding, the fanciers who want are allowed to check for their own pigeons. The checking will be made in front of cameras, of the committee and Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR staff.

On the day of the final, until 12 o clock a.m., the participating fanciers are allowed to visit the loft. After this hour, will start the preparations for waiting the pigeons and the fanciers will retire to the specially arranged waiting area.

There will be stands, with food and drink for various tastes from the house.

The Final Race will be broadcast online.

The pigeons arrived into the Final, will be sold by auction as it follows: places 1-50 and first 10 AS. The first 100 pigeons returns from the EXTRA Race 685 km, will be auctioned.

All the other pigeons turned back in the Final, whom were not activated for Extra Race together with the pigeons starting with places 51 in Extra Race will be sold to the first buyer (first comes, first served) with 50 Euro /pigeon (25 Euro goes to the owner and 25 Euro goes to the organizer).

The rightful owners of the pigeons have priority in redemption, on condition that they announce it and make the payment the first 3 days after competition ends.
For the pigeons sold on Romania online platform a commission of 15% of the sale price will be charged, and the rest will be divided as follows: 50% goes to the participant and 50% goes to the organizer, respectively to Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR.

For the pigeons sold in West and Asia the commission for organizing the auction will be higher. After paying the commission for organizing the auction, the fancier as the first 50% and the organizer 50%, from the remaining amount.

Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR will decide what to do in case of unsold pigeons, these being its indisputable property.

The pigeons without pedigree will not be rewarded or being paid from auction. Any discussion or handing over of pedigrees after the final is EXCLUDED!

Any amount due or resulting from pigeons without pedigree belongs entirely to the organizer of Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR

All the participants, by handing over the pigeons toward the organizer, assume and undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of this regulation.

This is your chance to compete with fair play and best conditions of care for the pigeons, against the best pigeons lovers in the world!

The trainings will start in December 2023 and will continue untill January 2024, starting with 5 to 70 km far away from the loft.

The training stages between HS:
HS 1 – 125 Km 01.02.2024
1 x 50 Km Training
1 x 70 Km Training

HS 2 – 180 Km 08.02.2024
1 x 50 Km Training
1 x 70 Km Training

HS 3 – 240 Km 15.02.2024
1 x 50 Km Training
1 x 70 Km Training

HS 4 Racing – 320 Km 22.02.2024
1 x 50 Km Training
1 x 75 Km Training

Semi Final FCI – 400 Km 01.03.2024

Santovenia Finals 510 km 15.03.2024

EXTRA Race – 685 km 30.03.2024

The competitions program is not fixed. On January 2024, will be published the competitions program, according with good health of the birds and with the weather forecast.

Between stages there will be others trainings, or if bad condition and health of pigeons will not allow it, there will be suspended.

The training will be done daily, between 10 km and 100 km, with the clock on. The exception will be during the days with extreme atmospheric conditions (torrential rains, strong winds, heat wave, etc.). The trainings will be performed in all 4 cardinal points.

Official trainings will be daily, with boarding between 01.12.2023-31.01.2024.

The organizers reserves the right to modify training and competitions schedule, if the situation requires it or in case of force majeure. Any changes will be notified to the participants.

THE PRIZES IN THE 2023/2024 SEASON worth 162,000 Euro + Dacia Spring Expression *
* Prizes are guaranteed!!!

1. Cash prize 30.000 Euro
2. Cash prize 20.000 Euro
3. Cash prize 10.000 Euro
4. Cash prize 5.000 Euro
5-10. Cash prize 1.500 Euro
11-20. Cash prize 1.200 Euro
21-30. Cash prize 1.000 Euro
31-50. Cash prize 800 Euro
51-100. Cash prize 200 Euro
101-150. Cash prize 100 Euro
151-200. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

1. Cash prize 4.500 Euro
2. Cash prize 3.000 Euro
3. Cash prize 1.500 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 300 Euro
11-15. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

1. Cash prize 3.000 Euro
2. Cash prize 2.000 Euro
3. Cash prize 1.000 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 150 Euro

1. Cash prize 600 Euro
2. Cash prize 500 Euro
3. Cash prize 400 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 150 Euro
11-15. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

1. Cash prize 500 Euro
2. Cash prize 400 Euro
3. Cash prize 300 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 150 Euro
11-15. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

1. Cash prize 400 Euro
2. Cash prize 300 Euro
3. Cash prize 200 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 150 Euro
11-15. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

1. Cash prize 400 Euro
2. Cash prize 300 Euro
3. Cash prize 200 Euro
4-10. Cash prize 150 Euro
11-15. 1 FREE pigeon for the next OLR

*Other prizes:

Prizes worth 25.000 Euros. The prizes are calculated for 150 submitted teams. These prizes may increase or decrease depending on the number of teams submitted in this category. The first 15 teams will be awarded (10% of the participating teams). The participation fee is 200 Euro / team provided that the fee is paid until the first Hot Spot.

Terms and conditions:
It is calculated the score obtained by the first two pigeons from a team of 5 pigeons, which will be nominated once enrolled in this category. The score is calculated by adding the places occupied by the first two pigeons in a team. The winner is the team with the lowest score.

Best Team prizes:
1st place: 10.000 Euro
2nd place: 5.000 Euro
3rd place: 3.000 Euro
Places 4-5: 1.000 Euro
Places 6-15: 600 Euro

The participation fee is 100 Euro / nominated pigeon.
In this category, you can win a DACIA SPRING EXPRESSION or 25,000 Euro, for 300 pigeons nominated for the Semifinals. The car can be won by the pigeon with the best ranking among the 300 pigeons nominated in the Semifinals.
If a minimum of 300 nominated pigeons do not meet, the pigeon with the best ranking will be awarded 80% of the amount collected for this category.

Extra Flight 685 Km!
Prizes worth 25,000 Euros. Prizes are calculated for 300 registered pigeons. These prizes may increase or decrease depending on the number of pigeons submitted in this category. The first 30 pigeons (10% of the participating pigeons) will be awarded.
The participation fee is 100 Euro / pigeon. The first 50 pigeons from the final and the first 10 AS places cannot participate in this category.
1st place: 5,000 Euro
2nd place: 3,000 Euro
3rd place: 2,000 Euro
Places 4-10: 1,000 Euro
Places 11-20: 600 Euro
Places 21-30: 300 Euro

Representative for Germany:
Willi van Beers - 50769 Koln, Jungbluthstrasse 35, Tel: 0049 1787911125,
Werner A. Waldow - 46282 Dorsten, Gräwingheide 2, Tel: 0049 172 2626841
Christian Schroter, Tel. 0049 1514 6251061, E-mail:
Alfons Klaas - Westerwieher Str. 208, 33397 Rietberg Tel: 0173-2809855
Markus Söllner- Töpfergasse 12, 36269 Philippsthal, Tel.:066206243
For Germany, France , Switzerland: SG Wollitzer, Tel. 0049 1590 6700186,
In Belgium, Mr. Geert Pollin, Tel. 0032 472 51 26 68, E-mail.

In Bulgary, Mr. Marian Paskov, Tel. 00359 89 636 8856, E-mail:

In Turkey:
Yusuf & Ercan Yıldız , Tel : 0090 0535 977 70 20
Recep Apo, Tel.: 0090 538 059 11 85.

In Poland, Mr. Arkadius Maziark, Tel. 0048 692 468 569, E-mail: .

In Hungary, Mr. Viglidan Agoston, Tel. 0036 30 639 2408, E-mail:

In Northern Ireland, Mr. John Tel: +44(0)7799543334 E-Mail:

For Portugal and Spain: Antonio Cutino Mesa , Tel : 0034 685 692 022 WhatsApp
Deposit account details:
Headquarters: no. 2, Catunului Street, Baia Commune, 727020, Jud. Suceava, Romania
IBAN: RO10 BTRL EURC RT04 7787 8001
§. For more information, terms, rules and discounts, please visit our website:

The score for the AS pigeon is calculated according to the Benzing criteria: overall speed
(distance of all races / total flight time).
The wining pigeon is the one with the highest speed, over the 4 HS, the semifinal and the final flight.
Each flight that is taken into account for the classification of AS pigeons ends on the first day of the competition at 20.00 (local hour).
Only with the FINAL FLIGHT the competition ends on the 2nd day at 6 pm (local time).

News: in the 2023/2024 season, the participants will be able to create an account in which they will see their financial situation, the participating pigeons and will be able to bet online. Betting and other activities of this nature will be made according to specific rules. This activity is independent and has nothing to do with financial activity: prizes and money from auctions conducted by European Master Pigeons SRL.
European Master Pigeons SRL only provides the link.

The whole Europa Master Pigeons OLR team wishes you success!




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Loft Winter Race

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WhatsApp Image 2022 07 11 at 19.55.25

Loft Winter Race


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